Papercraft (Part 1)

I spent part of my weekend building the Metcalfe Goods Shed, one of three cardstock kits that I recently purchased. I made a few mistakes on this kit because I was working quickly, but I was still impressed with the results.

When I started thinking about the buildings I would like to have on my Inglenook, cardstock kits immediately came to mind. I did a fair amount of research and finally committed to trying out a few Metcalfe kits. My adhesive of choice is Deluxe Materials’ Roket Card Glue. A bit expensive, but I’ve used it before and it spreads very well without much dripping, adheres very quickly, and dries as clear as Elmer’s Glue. Plus, the applicator extension comes in handy when gluing in hard-to-reach areas.

So, without further ado, here is the first kit I’ve built.

The kit came in an envelope that was about the size of a comic book. In the image of the shed you can see one of the drawbacks of these kits: the edges of the card are glaring white and they leave the whole thing looking like… well… paper. To get rid of these white edges I ran colored pencils around the edges and along the folds. In my haste, though, I missed a few spots. I also slipped a few times, leaving colored lines across the face of the model. These couldn’t be erased without damaging the print.

With a few details and some weathering the Metcalfe kits could look pretty good. In particular, I would like to find ways to hide that line where the cards meet above and below the central window.

I particularly like the little office in the back. The details in the chimney, with the rolled-paper stacks, really drive it home. The staircase was a bit awkward because I couldn’t quite get the fit right, and the landing is tilted downward as a result.

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