Papercraft (Part 2)

I decided to start building the Metcalfe brewery kit yesterday. This time, I also pulled out a can of Testors Dullcote, which will help to protect the cardstock from humidity, spills, etc.

I sprayed the front and back of each sheet, then let them dry overnight.

The next morning I started the real work. After punching and cutting the first sheet of the main building, I colored the edges with a pigment marker. This was an experiment. It was not a good idea. The pigment quickly bled into the paper, causing dark patches to creep out around the windows. I gave up on the marker for edging, and went back to using colored pencils. Here, you can see the sloppy edging. Oh well.

The pigment markers were better utilized on the absolute backside of the card, where it wouldn’t be able to bleed onto the face. Here, I am using the chisel-tipped side of a dark gray marker to darken the underside of the eaves. Much faster and ‘cleaner-looking’ than colored pencil.

Here I am almost finished assembling the storehouse. The trickiest part is lining up the windows and doors, but even that isn’t too difficult. Otherwise, with just a little dexterity these things practically build themselves.

It’s not finished yet, but this is after about an hour’s worth of building. I called it a night, though–I’d rather take my time and get it right.

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