Switching Gears

A brief update on the cardstock kits I’ve been working on.

I’ve really enjoyed working with the Metcalfe kits, but because I am standing so close to the structures while shunting I can’t help but notice their folds and overall ‘flat’ texture. They would be perfect if they were set further back on a larger layout, but they aren’t quite what I had imagined in terms of detail.

I plan on keeping the Metcalfe kits, as I will likely use them on a larger expansion. For now, though, I am packing them away in favor of laser-cut and styrene structures. I’m still planning on modelling a brewery, but brewery kits are difficult to come by. I would love to build a Heljan brewery kit, but that model has been off the market for a long time.

Heljan’s N-scale brewery was actually an HO kit outfitted with N-scale doorways. Some modellers were deterred by that because the building overpowered their scenes. I, on the other hand, was hoping for just that.

A few model railroad supply sites claim to have a few Heljan breweries stock, but upon inquiry they’ve been quick to correct the mistake.

I will be looking into buildings that are suitable for repurposing and/or kitbashing into a brewery, and will report back soon with results.

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