Painting the Rails

I spent the past couple of evenings with a pack of Testors CreateFX markers, painting the rails of my module. Even on a module as small as mine (there’s probably about ten feet of track) it took several hours.

The paint markers I used. You can see a sample of unweathered track behind them.

First I painted the sides of the rail with ‘Rail Brown,’ being careful not to paint over the switch points. In an effort to make them blend in a bit, I also painted over the uncoupling magnets with this color. Then I painted the ties with ‘Rail Tie Brown.’ Finally, I painted two coats of  ‘Rust’ over the sides of the rails, and also painted the bumpers. I was purposefully sloppy with the Rust color, as I wanted to allow for some variety.

The finished product. I’m still waiting for ballast to arrive (I ordered Kato ballast, which is intended to match the color of the roadbed). After I ballast, I will simulate oil sprays and spills, and also spread some rust powder in some areas.

After every pass with paint, I quickly followed up by swiping a microfiber cloth (the kind used to wipe eyeglasses) over the top of the rail. This helped to ensure that paint would not build up and potentially cause derailments or connectivity issues.

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