Not Much Action, But More Ideas

The ice house went together so quickly that I almost forgot about the outside world for a hot minute. Now that I am starting on the slightly more involved creamery kit, it has all come flooding back. I have primed everything and I’m about halfway through painting the walls and windows, but I’ve been stalled on that stage for days. Not for a lack of time, but for a lack of drive.

I am the administrator at a private medical practice, and the transition from one year to the next tends to be stressful at the office. When five o’clock comes around I am both exhausted and restless, and I haven’t recently been able to channel that odd mix of energy into modeling. I am hoping to get back into the swing of things this weekend.

On a higher note, I have done some brewery-related research during a few sleepless nights this past week, so I suppose I have been productive enough. In particular, I’ve been concerned that the ore house is too small to be turned into a malt house, and the placement isn’t quite right either. For starters, there is no loading dock on the structure, which would be necessary for incoming grain. In order to add one I would have to adjust the height of the building as well as the conveyor that runs to the foundry. Seems like a lot of work for a building that doesn’t even make a convincing malt house. Also, the kiln wouldn’t likely be at the back of the malt house as it would then have to pass back through the malt house to reach the brewery–and it would need a few months in storage before it was used.

I have decided that, instead of a malt house, the ore house will be primarily a grain store. I will model a larger three-story malt house and will place that adjacent to the grain store (at the lower right of the module). For that purpose, I will likely use two or three packages of Bar Mills’ The #1 Kit, and for the kiln I will use a few brick styrene sheets between the malt-house and grain store. I will need to find something suitable for rooftop ventilation on the kiln.

All in all, the current plan would look something like this:


Another aspect of the complex that could use some thought is a cellar. That could really take up some space, which would be nice. I would locate that between the cooperage and the brewery, after pushing the cooperage and ice house to the left. Also, I will likely create a coal yard beside the tracks and the smokestack and boilerhouse, but might shift the boilerhouse to the right of the brewery, not behind it.

I still need to get through the creamery/cooperage before thinking too much more about all this, though, and I will post an update on that after the weekend.

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