Suddenly, I’m Kitbashing

Yesterday I had plans to complete the Branchline creamery (which, as I stated in earlier posts, will be a cooperage). I sat for half an hour, staring at it. I even painted some of the walls red. Then I took my family out for lunch, then to the sporting goods store, then to the bookstore. By the time we got back home, I had other obligations besides modeling (a couple of friends and I play Magic: the Gathering most Saturday evenings).

In the wee hours of the morning I woke up with a lightbulb over my head. Instead of the cooperage being a standalone building, I’ll kitbash the Branchline creamery kit so that it is annexed to the main building of the brewery. This will provide in-house space for the cooperage, an extension of the cellars, and maybe some offices to boot. In some half-informed corner of my mind, this layout makes a lot more sense. Conveniently, the ice house and the creamery have narrow ‘insulated’ doors intended to transfer ice sheets from the former structure to the latter, which should keep the cellars cool when summers get too hot.

The only major kitbashing will be on the right hand side of the cooperage. I have to truncate the shed and back deck from the building. I’ll also have to fill in the window ports on the side of the brewery where the cooperage will be (otherwise, some of the windows will be half-covered). So, without further adieu:


Hacking off the ‘shed.’ The raw edge shown here will be fixed to the side of the brewery as an extension of the building.


The old creamery wall on the left had window and door ports in addition to slots for the shed walls. This wall was no longer going to work. Instead, I needed a simple armature that could be affixed to the brewery, without tabs. I made one from 1/8″ basswood which should do the trick.


I have a long way to go before this part of the project is complete, but I already feel much better knowing that I’m not just building model kits; I am creating creatively. That was why I got stuck in the mud recently. Now that I’m not just following directions, I’m getting fired up again.


I am much happier with this consolidated layout. It was really bugging me that the cooperage was a standalone building. There was something ‘off’ about that. The ice house makes sense, as it could be owned and operated by a separate company for the benefit of the brewery and other local businesses.

4 thoughts on “Suddenly, I’m Kitbashing

  1. Hey Aaron – I also found you via reddit and love the stuff you’ve shared so far. I noticed the kits from Metcalfe don’t seem to be available here in the USA. How were you able to source them? They seem like a great value in terms of detail and price.


    • Thanks Sean–glad you’ve been enjoying my posts! I bought three Metcalfe kits: a brewery, an engine house, and a goods shed. I built the shed and part of the brewery before realizing they weren’t as detailed as I would have liked. I will likely use them when I finally expand my layout.

      I was able to find the brewery on Amazon from a reseller for less than $20, and free S&H, which was a steal. It was the last kit available from that seller. The other two kits were purchased from Buffers, a U.K. shop that ships overseas. Those kits were about $12-18 each. The S&H was pretty steep–I ended up spending about $50 on both kits. So all in all, I spent about $70 for all three.


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