Creamery Kitbash Part 2

I spent an hour this morning working on the creamery. I’ve not been optimistic about Branchline’s ‘peel and stick’ window frames, and I wanted to do something about it. They are easy enough to put together but they look flat and blocky after assembly. I was prepared to live with that before, but now that the creamery building will be appended to the brewery I think the level of window-detail should match.

N Scale Architect’s foundry kit uses Tichy windows in several sizes and shapes. The 12-pane windows were a pretty close match to the creamery’s window ports, but they were a bit small. I looked online to try and find a slightly larger size, but didn’t have any luck. Instead, I decided to make the window ports smaller to fit the Tichy frames. I cut a bunch of slivers from the ‘shed’ that I’d hacked off the kit yesterday, then glued them to the insides of the ports and trimmed as needed until the Tichy windows fit.


Fitting balsa-wood shims into the window ports.


I painted the shims to match, then test-fit the windows again. Here, you can see that the shim is still evident behind the window’s frame. I’m okay with that, though. It simply looks like the windows were retrofitted.


The windows here need to be primed, painted, and glued in place. It’s a shame that Tichy doesn’t sell them in white.


Here they have been primed and painted with two coats of acrylic. I have also glued them in with Testors plastic cement. They need another coat of paint and then I will spray the flats with Testors Dullcote before assembling and glazing the windows. I’m afraid that if I spray Dullcote after the windows are glazed, the ‘glass’ will get cloudy.

I just ordered a dozen more windows from Tichy to replace the ones I pilfered.

My next step will be to start putting the creamery (well, what’s left of it) together.

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