Loading Dock for the Malt Store

I have decided not to include a malt house or kiln on this module, due to spacial and logistical constraints. My plans for the malt house were awkward at best. At some point, after I expand the layout, I can add a malt house and kiln elsewhere.

Instead of a malt house, I will be including a malt store, where malted grain is hoisted and stored (historically, grains and malts were usually transported in large sacks; it wasn’t until the mid-twentieth century that hoppers and silos became the preferred method of transport and storage). 

The malt store will be comprised of the N Scale Architect foundry ore house, which I already had, and a grain elevator that I purchased from Train Time Laser. The grain elevator will be a loading dock and hoist house for incoming malts and hops, and the ore house will be where these items are stored (malts need to be aged before they are used).

To transform the grain elevator, I first removed the window that was laser-cut in the front wall, and will be replacing it with a Tichy window that I had modified.

This window was originally designed to fit horizontally, so it had a wider frame on one side and a sill that protruded a bit. I sanded down the frame and removed the sill. As you can see, the hole that I cut to fit the Tichy window was too wide, so I ended up having to shim it a bit.

Next, I pilfered two of the Tichy loading doors from the N Scale Architect foundry (I ordered a set of four to replace them). Using the front wall of the foundry as a template, I cut out squares in the grain elevator to fit them.

Next, I will likely add an awning above the loading doors, and then start putting it all together.

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