Secondary Project

I may have mentioned in a previous post that I am the administrator for a small medical facility. Well, a couple of weeks ago one of the doctors I work with asked me if I went to the Vermont Rails Model Railway Show, and we got to talking. He expressed that he’s wanted to build a layout for years but never got around to it. I told him that I’d gladly help him build one, and he suggested that we do so in a spare room adjacent to his office.

I did a bit of research, showed him a few good starter sets, and we settled on purchasing the Kato N 1060023 GE ES44AC GEVO and Mixed Freight Union Pacific starter set, along with the Kato V3 Rail Yard Switching expansion set. I will be helping him build benchwork using a hollow-core door, and the entire layout will fold down against the wall (our employees also use the room for various activities such as yoga and meditation).

Benchwork supplies: a hollow-core door, some lengths of pine, and hinges.

While this layout won’t be part of Little Snoring Railway proper, I consider it something of a sister project, as it will allow me to experiment with ideas that I may incorporate on my own layout when I am ready to expand. Thus, I will post occasional updates on this blog. That should mix things up a bit, and will hopefully balance out the “twenty-pictures-of-printed-shingles-being-glued-to-the-roof” posts of late.


A bit on the modern side for my taste, but a fine foray into a cooperative layout with everything we need to get a train running.

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