Track Plan and Brewery Update

As promised, here’s the track plan that I have devised for my larger home layout.

Little Snoring

The plan is loosely based on the Culm Valley Light Railway’s Hemyock terminus. I did some flipping and length adjusting to provide some balance between aesthetics and pseudo-functionality. The headshunt just beyond the engine house will be a removable cassette, as I don’t want to permanently block access to a window. In addition, if the headshunt cassette is replaced with a lift-out 45-degree curve, it could theoretically connect to another module. If I build it to the proper height, it could even connect to the inglenook.

Here’s a repost of the terminus it is based on, for reference:

Culm Valley

Hemyock terminus as ‘advertised’ in Model Rail magazine.

The private sidings in this diagram (top and bottom left) eventually served two ends of a single creamery. Such a configuration has me thinking again about modelling a malt house and oast house in addition to the brewery proper. The malt house could be served by the bottom left rail, and would be connected to the grain store by way of a kiln or two.

I have also been steadily working on templates for scratchbuilding a structure using the Elkton Creek components as a basic template. My process is as follows:

  1. Scan individual pieces from the model after removing them from the sprues.
  2. Clean the scans up in GIMP, and ovverlay them with a solid color.
  3. Adjust sizes as desired by stretching, etc.
  4. Add or remove windows and doors using those already present as templates and guides.

Here are some pics of the uncut templates:


Brewery Template 1Brewery Template 2Brewery Template 3

Next, I will use textures acquired from Clever Models to overlay the solid color. 

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