Printed Walls

The office has been taking over my life lately, and we haven’t even had time to start on our new layout there. I’m thinking of bringing my inglenook so that we can at least run something, and maybe help to motivate us to build the layout proper. I think I will make the inglenook compatible with both my future bookcase layout and our compact office layout.

I’ve spent a few minutes here and there contemplating styrene vs. cardstock and wood models. I’ve been researching how to build with styrene, how to paint it, how to weather it. However, I think I’ve finally settled on using card and wood, primarily, if for no other reason than this: it is inexpensive, I don’t need to order supplies online, and I am familiar with its properties. Simply put: less waiting, fewer trial-and-error sessions, more modeling.

This weekend, between my son’s lacrosse games and household chores, I finally got a few hours to tinker with Photoshop, and overlaid the templates I created with a texture acquired from Clever Models. I had been considering a brick texture, but rethought that after noticing that the windows I have are not masonry windows, so wouldn’t look quite right set in brick. So, rather than spend twenty dollars on Tichy masonry windows, and having to rework my templates to fit them, I decided to use a weathered red siding instead. After all, the brewery isn’t one of those megalithic late-19th century German structures. This one is set at the terminus of a rural branchline, and it is probably more realistic as a wooden structure.

I printed the newly textured template on matte photo paper, and will back them with basswood after cutting everything. To get rid of the “too flat” appearance of paper (which bugged me after I finished a commercial cardstock kit last year) I scored lines along the slats with an awl. I tested the windows, and the walls look pretty convincing.

If you look closely, you can see the score-lines. This took some time, but the results are worth it.

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