New Track Plan, Now With Turntable

I spent a major chunk of today revising the track plan for my branch line terminus. I was having a tough time justifying the lack of a turntable in my initial plan based on Hemyock. Don’t get me wrong; I realize that the real Hemyock didn’t have a turntable, either. The steamers just dealt with the inability to turn about. Likely this didn’t pose much of a problem because the steamers working Hemyock had panniers instead of tenders. I, on the other hand, prefer the look of tenders, but tenders were not great to run in reverse.

I don’t care that much about realism, though. Really, I want a turntable because I want to watch my trains spin around. I want a roundhouse. 

And–gasp! The Elkton Creek Smelter is going to be a smelter again. I’m too exhausted with researching breweries, and I’m ready to get building. If I decide that the smelter will be retrofitted as a brewery, then so be it. I just have to built the smelter first.

Anyway, here’s the plan:

Little Snoring

It is a bit more complicated than the original Hemyock, but as far as I’m concerned it hits all the switches: a large industry, passenger service, a turntable, a roundhouse, and plenty of sidings for storing and switching freight. I will end up placing a water tank just before the turntable, and a coaling and sanding station too, I think.

I will sit with this for a while to see if I can live without the brewery. Strangely, I’m not at all saddened right now, despite the amount of time I put into research. Even if I do nothing with it, I still learned a lot about a subject of personal and practical interest.

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