Powercab PCP Panel Installed (Sort Of…)

I spent about an hour this afternoon drilling and then filing a rectangular hole into the front of the terminus module, just big enough to fit the circuit board of the PCP panel that came with the NCE Powercab. This is where the Powercab controller (and an optional second controller) plugs in. I haven’t fully attached the panel, as I still need to put some kind of cosmetic fascia around the module. I’m almost ready to start wiring, though, so it’ll be good to have this in place.

Did I mention the Powercab controller yet? I purchased it at the same time as the track and turnouts, while Tony’s Train Xchange was having a ripper sale.

The Powercab is a neat little DCC unit: it provides power while also controlling locos and accessories. For a layout as small as Little Snoring, it should be all the power I need. This simplifies the wiring (and makes the whole project a lot less expensive).

Here’s a pic of the Powercab, for those not familiar:

Next up: wiring. However, before I start, I need to purchase a locomotive with a DCC decoder. I don’t want to get too far into wiring without being able to test each length of track and every turnout in real time. The PowerCab doesn’t have the ability to run DC motors, so I need to save up some dollars for a loco.

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