Laying Track II

I spent six hours or so this afternoon cutting and situating most of the track:

I also made a few recesses in the cork beneath the track. These are located in places where I will likely want to uncouple wagons while shunting. When I start amassing some wagons, I will replace the clunky Rapido couplers with Dapol Easi-Fit knuckle couplers, which will uncouple when reversed slightly while situated over a magnet.

After digging out each recess, I drove a couple of screws in:

Then I placed a rare-earth magnet into each recess, which held fast to the screws:

There are three magnets on the layout. I could have placed more, but there is a chance that they will occasionally cause unintended uncoupling, so I placed as few as I could while enabling me to uncouple and shunt in each section.

Here, I’ve moved the track aside to display the magnets:

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