Turnouts IV

I finally got around to installing two more SMAIL machines. Once again, I have no documentation of the process; I think I’d need someone taking photos as I go because the work is too fidgety to be dealing with a camera. But here’s the finished product, anyway:

What a mess, right? See, if I had any track-wiring experience, I’d have used about half as many feeders, but I’d have made them four times as long, and I’d only have installed a single set of bus wires down the center of the layout. That would have given me more space to work with, and all that crowding that you see would have been spread out.

Because some of my feeders are immediately beneath the turnouts, there wasn’t enough room to have the switch machines swing a certain way, so I had to turn them around and run the cables in a long arc to the SMAIL motors. In the image above, only the uppermost turnout has a straight cable.

All of the turnouts work perfectly, although I will probably use some electrical staples to help keep the cables in place.

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