LSR Station I

I spent a few hours today prepping Metcalfe’s N Scale Country Station. “Prepping” means opening the packet, reading the directions twice or thrice, spray painting the laser-cut pieces, and spraying Testor’s Dullcote over every sheet and piece (to protect from moisture, but also to give everything a dulled-down appearance).

After prepping, I started putting together the first building: the Station Master’s House.

This consisted of cutting the pieces away from the sheets, then folding the scored lines to create corners. While folded, the corners expose the bright white card under the printed layer. To blend the corners, I painted them with watercolors. I also painted the white edges around doorways and windows.

Then I layered the window and door frames behind the walls, and the windows and doors behind the frames. There were also other structural components that will be hidden after the model is complete.

For most paper and card projects I use Aileen’s Tacky Glue, and this is no exception. I used to do quite a bit of bookbinding and I found that Aileen’s dries much faster than Elmer’s, although it is almost identical in every other way: it is water-based, can be applied with a brush, and it dries clear. I used Roket Card Glue a couple of years ago, which is what Metcalfe recommends, but the shipping cost was steep (it is only sold in the U.K.) and in my opinion it didn’t perform any better than Aileen’s.

So far, so good. Metcalfe models are fairly user-friendly in that they are well designed and don’t require much painting or detailing after they are built.

I will work on more of the station over the course of the next week.