LSR Station V

I stayed up a bit too late tonight, but I made some headway on LSR’s station platform. This was a daunting step, and it took me a while to muster up the courage to begin.

I started with Metcalfe’s Red Brick Platform kit:

Then I made a template for the center platform:

As you can see, the platform takes up most of the space between the rails. This was not the case with Hemyock’s little platform, but Metcalfe’s station house is based on a building that is much larger than Hemyock’s station house.

After a bit of testing and trimming, I transferred the template to the “asphalt” surface of the platform and cut to size. Then I added spacers for the platform’s edge before constructing the walls.

Next, I will need to add some support beneath the platform (it holds the station house, but it bows a bit), glue down the ramps, and finally add the brickwork around the edge.

As you can see, the “face” of the station house is turned to the wall (compare with photos in my previous posts). I gave this a bit of thought: the building looks much more appropriate facing this direction, as the shape of the structure is tapered toward the tip of the platform.

Overall, while I like working with cardstock, the Metcalfe station looks pretty awkward no matter what I do with it. It just isn’t “right” for LSR. I may wind up donating it to the layout in my office, but I’m not sure yet.

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