New Platform I

Inspired after the success of my frog-powering project (yes, all frogs are powered now—see edits in my last post for details) I decided to start working on a new platform for the Peco station.

Using bits and pieces left over from the two Peco Setrack ST-90 Platform kits that I used for the former “generic” platform, I put together a “bespoke” platform which I hope will be more fitting for the station area.

The most difficult task was beveling the edges around the backside of the wider “station” section. For that, I used my razor saw and a plastic mitre box. Here’s a couple of cuts:

Once the sections were bonded with Testors plastic model cement, I used Testors contour putty to fill some small gaps, then did some sanding with 400 grit. Next step will involve priming and painting.

In the last couple of photos I am bothered by my the curved track behind the platform, which will eventually service a goods shed. When I originally laid the track I was aesthetically—not pragmatically—driven, and I liked the look of gentle curves. Now that I’m planning to add sidings, a goods shed, and other trackside structures, I find myself wanting to straighten sections (as I did to accommodate the carriage shed). That means de-soldering feeders, lifting up (and hopefully not ripping up) the track, straightening, re-gluing, and then re-planting and re-soldering feeders. Oh well…

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