Laying Track IV

Bit of a slouch’s idea of progress today, but I made a couple of slight alterations to the track which I’ve been planning to deal with for a little while. Namely, I straightened the section of track behind the station platform (I ended up simply replacing the Flex Track, as I destroyed a few ties when pulling up the old length). Then I trimmed the ends of all the sidings on the layout with a pair of Xuron rail nippers, and now these are flush and “clean-looking.”

I’m quite certain that this will be the very last track-laying project that I will need to do on this module. My next track-related project will be painting the ties and rails so they look grimy and rusty, and then I will move on to painting the well of the turntable!

I also updated my plan. I’m still trying to decide where to place the “service” items such as the water tower and coaling stage, but this covers most of the layout:

Little Snoring Station


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