New Platform V

Just made a quick project of repainting the white line along the platform’s edge:

And you can’t really tell in this photoor any photo, reallybut I also sprayed Testors Dullcoat over all the trackwork, including the turntable. This removes the satin sheen of the spray-paint. Took about five minutes this morning, then I spent about an hour tonight with a Bright Boy rail cleaner to remove the Dullcoat from the railheads.

Unfortunately, I’ve noticed when running my engine that the SMAIL motors aren’t powering the frogs reliably. Frustratingly, I keep getting dead frogs that will only work again after power-cycling the entire layout a few times.

I will need to think about my next steps toward fixing this issue. I’ve read that the SPDT switches in Tortoise/SMAIL machines are spotty, leading some modelers to use a separate frog juicing system like the one offered by Tam Valley. Maybe I will do the same.

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