Goods Shed II

Some progress on the goods shed interior and roof. The roof has a couple of skylights, hence my detailing of the interior.

Normal scrutiny:

Extreme scrutiny or harsh lighting (photos taken with flash):

The doors in the back of the interior are actually a photo of the doors on the back of the model, which I printed on cardstock. Here’s the backside of the model:

I still need to add drainpipes, then spray some Dullcote over the whole thing, but I’m happy with how it’s turning out so far.

I didn’t do a great job lining up the roof sections; superglue only offers about 0.5 seconds before it sets. To cover a gap, I cut a thin strip of card and glued it across the apex of the each roof section, then painted it to match. This is standard procedure for laser-cut kits anyhow, so it looks pretty good (except I glued the card crookedly across the smaller roof!)

Edit: I started on the gutters and drainpipes, which seemed pretty straightforward. I painted them with black acrylic, then glued the gutters to the eaves. This is finicky work, requiring tweezers, a small file, and a sharp hobby knife. One of the gutters was very stubborn; due to the poorly aligned roof there was virtually no overhang, so I had to cut down the width of the gutter and glue it to the wall instead.

This same roofing issue meant that the drainpipe wouldn’t fit, either, as it stretched from the eaves on the larger roof to the down-spout beneath the botched gutter.

I spent two hours building two failed drainpipes before finally succeeding:

Good thing I have a box of spare Ratio gutters and drainpipes!

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