Goods Shed III

Spent a few hours making some ad hoc drain pipes, because the out-of-the-box pipes fit poorly and looked even worse.

These were made with Ratio’s “Gutters and Drainpipes” kit, which really only contain straight drain pipes. I used a hobby knife to cut beveled lengths, then used Testors plastic cement to tack them together before reinforcing each joint with superglue. Then, I superglued them into place.

I must have been distracted toward the session’s end, because I accidentally glued the drainpipe meant for the rear awning onto the front of the structure. It took me a few seconds before realizing my mistake, and in the process I damaged the structure a little by ripping up the pipe and leaving some superglue behind. It isn’t very noticeable due to the heavy weathering, but I might wind up putting an advert sign over the affected area (luckily, I considered doing that anyhow… and almost exactly where the damage is).

Here’s the damaged section:

You probably can’t even tell anything is amiss, which is great, but I’m just a tad bit disappointed in the fact that I messed up on the very last piece to be added! Oh, well…

After the glue had set, I used acrylic black to touch up some of the pipes and weathered them with acrylic “Steel Gray.”

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