More of the Same, and Some New Toys

Continuing the LSR rebuild, I was wondering how to “end” the rails leading to the second module in such a way that they could simply butt up against the corresponding rails without worrying about fishplate connectors, extension track, etc.

While I was sanding splinters from the new module this evening, it dawned on me that I could cut the roadbed out from under the ends of the rails, and then have the rail-ends jut out over the fascia (which I already plan on doing for track leading onto the turntable).

Here is the underside of a short piece of test track, after I cut the roadbed back with a razor saw:

And here’s how the rails might look jutting out over the fascia, after a few hills have been carved at the corners:

I think this is a good solution. It might look a bit odd, as there will be about an inch of rail without ties, but once it is all painted it shouldn’t be too obvious.

In addition to adding that one short fascia, I put some adjustable feet on the bottom of the module, 1′ from each corner:

Most importantly, I received this today: a DCC-equipped Dapol 38XX Class 2-8-0 steam engine, and a couple of 3rd class Collett coaches. Good incentive to keep moving along with this project!

A funny side note:

These would have arrived yesterday, but the postman who was delivering the parcel read the contents list and saw that it contained chocolate and cream. He didn’t want to leave it on the warm porch, so he left a note and asked if I would rather pick it up at the post office. I called and let him know that “chocolate and cream” is the livery scheme on the passenger cars. I don’t think he understood, but he said he’d deliver the parcel anyway, as long I wouldn’t hold him accountable for any spoilage.

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