Preparing for the Backscene

Okay, now that summer is over and I’ve done enough of nothing, I’m gearing up for another round of LSR. Here are the loose plans:

  1. By the end of October, I’ll have the backscene and fascia completed. I have already purchased the “Hills and Dales” backscene from Model Scenery Supplies. With the height of the backscene in mind (it is 9″ tall) I can begin working on the fascia/backscene wall, even before the backscene prints arrive.
  2. Once the backscene is in place, I’ll complete at least one building per month. I have decided to use cardstock buildings, because it has become grossly apparent that I don’t really enjoy modelling with plastic. I’m fairly happy with the structures I’ve built so far, but the super-glues, solvents, and paints just aren’t for me. I end up becoming stressed when faced with various drying times. Instead, I have been collecting structures and textures from Scalescenes for the past few months and will begin editing them in Photoshop to suit LSR.
  3. When all buildings are done (there will be five major buildings) I’ll be able to finalize scenic elements such as soil, grass, shrubbery, and trees.


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