Backpedaling for Aesthetic

Although the COVID-19 “quarantine” measures are being touted as a time to connect with our hobbies, for those of us in healthcare it is a time of increased anxiety and added work. Whenever I have free time now, I’m hardly being productive.

However, I have been following a number of modules from across the pond, most notably the recently completed “Loctern Quay” at

I realized British modules rarely employ complex backscenes, whether painted or photographic, as that level of detail detracts from the composition. More often, the backscene is a faded shade of blue or gray. Weeks ago, I started to ponder whether I liked my own backscene. In the end, I decided that, despite the arduous process of obtaining a photo that would work as a backscene, and then applying it, I’d rather simplify for the sake of the end product.

Last weekend, I got to work. I took a can of spray paint that had been kicking around (Rust-Oleum “Chalked” Serenity Blue) and did a bit of masking before spraying right over the backscene.

I like the result, and the no-frills, no-clutter aesthetic. Must be the Swedish in me. (Pay no attention to the clutter in the basement.)